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HTML-Introduction: Fundamentals of HTML, Working with Text, Organizing Text in HTML, Working with Links and URLs, Creating Tables, Working with Images, Canvas,Forms, Frames and Multimedia.HTML5: Introduction, HTML5 Document Structure,Creating Editable Content, Checking Spelling Mistakes, Exploring Custom Data Attributes, Client-Side Storage, Drag and Drop Feature, Offline Web Applications, Web Communications, Cross-Document Messaging and Desktop Notifications.

CSS AND JAVASCRIPT:CSS Introduction, CSS Selectors, Inserting CSS in an HTML document, Backgrounds,Fonts, and Text Styles, Creating Boxes, Displaying, Positioning and Floating Elements,Features of CSS3.JAVASCRIPT: Overview of JavaScript, JavaScript Functions, Events,Image Maps and Animations, JavaScript Objects, Working with Browser and Document Objects, JQuery – Introduction, JQuery Selectors, Events, Methods to access HTML elements and attributes.

INTRODUCTION TO PHP:Introduction, Data Types, Variables, Constants, expressions,String Interpolation, Control Structures, Functions, Arrays, Embedding PHP Code in Web Pages, Object Oriented PHP, Sending Form Data to a Server, Working with Cookies and Session Handlers, PHP with MySQL – Interacting with the Database.

Python: Introduction, Setting up python, using python shell, writing Hello World, Adding Comments to the code, storing and processing of data, variables, different data types,operators, statements and syntax, input function advanced print, receive input from files,controlling flow of statements: conditional, loop statements, Creating functions and importing modules.

XML AND AJAX: XML-Introduction, Structure of XML Document, Document Type Definition, XML Namespaces, XML Schema, Working with DOM and SAX Parser, Working with XSLT.
AJAX: Overview, Exploring AJAX, XMLHTTP Request object.

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