A Small Note from Stellar's Team..!

Hey People ,

Few Incidents that broke our heart by seeing mail requests for the first time in time being we felt like helpless. Firstly We are very sorry for the inconvenience which caused to you all recently we gone through the full coverage as what’s happening and how to back to normalization of the site when we verified/checked mail lots of people requested for materials and some people had lost access to download the material. We are also very sad that can’t be a helping hand at present as we have used google drive for uploading documents and we found the root cause as copyrights issue google had blocked even us to get the data we tried to get back but as we uploaded the textbooks as not our own copyrights so, un-accessible to google drive as we did one mistake as we kept Google Drive to upload old things instead of Database but sadly the things went structed in hands of  Google.

we thought to share over mails but as lot people requested better to make official we choose this path as no one bother on the same to request for not accessible files. A small request to you guys who ever made/prepared good notes please share it to your fellow people no one know how the chance it applies and who will changes one thing we can say as it’s Newton’s third law

“for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction ”  —  Apply the same for sharing your documents and treat everyone as with golden heart the same applies/replies back to you all.

Also a favour from you all who ever have prepared notes for the subject or who has documents/materials if you willing to share other people please share us over mail we will definitely make others to access the same – It’s a good thing helping the people is also gift 

Thank you all for the love and supports..!

Creative Stellars Team