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 OVERVIEW OF COMPUTERS AND C-PROGRAMMING: Description of Computer Hardware &Software. Introduction to C:overview of C, executing a ‘c’ program, c-character set, constants, variables, data types, declaration of variables, assigning values to variables, managing input & output operations, operators and expressions, basics of algorithm and flow chart


DECISION&LOOPCONTROL STATEMENTS: Introduction, If Statement, If-else Statement, Nested- If-else Statement, Else if Ladder, Switch case – break – continue – go to Statement ,for loop, nested for loop, while loop, do-while, do-while statement with while loop


 ARRAYS: Introduction, one-dimensional (1D)-Arrays, declaration and initialization of onedimensional (1D)-Arrays, Two- dimensional (2D)-Arrays, initialization of Twodimensional(2D)-Arrays, Multi-dimensional Arrays

FUNCTIONS: Introduction, need for user-defined functions, a multi function program, elements of user-defined functions, definition of functions, return values and types, category of functions, recursion, scope and life time of variables, preprocessor commands:#define, #include, multi file programs 


POINTERS: Introduction, understanding pointers, accessing address of a variable, declaring and initialization of pointer variables, accessing variable through pointers, chain of pointers, pointer expressions, pointer increment and scale factor, pointers and arrays, passing arrays to functions, array of pointers, pointers as function arguments, functions returning pointers

.STRINGS: Introduction, declaring and initializing string variables, reading and writing strings, arithmetic operations on characters, putting strings together, comparison of two strings, string handling functions, table of strings(array of strings)


STRUCTURES: Introduction , defining a structure , declaring structure variables ,accessing structure members, structure initialization, copying and comparing structure variables, operations on individual members , arrays of structures ,arrays within structures, structures within structures, structures and functions, unions, typedef, enum File Management in C: Introduction, Types of Files, Defining and Opening a File, Closing a File, Input / Output Operations on Files, Error handling during IO Operations, Random access to files, Command line arguments. 

TEXT BOOKS: 1. C and Data Structures – Ashok Kamthane Pearson education 2. Programming in C and Data Structures – E Balagurusamy – Mc GrawHill. REFERENCES: 1. Computer Fundamentals and C Programming – Dr. P. Chenna Reddy, ISBN: 9789351045885, Publisher: 2. Byron Gottfried, Schaum’s Outline of Programming with C, McGraw-Hill 3. Programming in C, Second Edition – Pradip Dey, Manas Ghosh, Oxford University Press. 4. “C from Theory to Practice”- George S. Tselikis- Nikolaos D. Tselikas- CRC Press. 5. “Programming with C”- R S Bichkar- University Press. 6. Programming in C and Data Structures, J.R.Hanly, Ashok N. Kamthane and A.Ananda Rao, Pearson Education. 

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