Machine tools



Introduction of Metal Cutting Theory – Basic Elements of cutting, methods of metal cutting –classification of cutting tools – Geometry of single point tool and angles, chip formation and types of chips – built up edge and its effects, chip breakers.

Cutting Force Analysis– Mechanics of orthogonal cutting-Merchant’s Force diagram, cutting forces – cutting speeds, feed, depth of cut, tool life, coolants. Cutting Tool materials and cutting fluids –types and characteristics.

Engine lathe – Principle of working- specification of lathe – types of lathes – work holders and tool holders –Taper turning, thread turning and attachments for Lathes. Turret and capstan lathes – collet chucks – other work holders – tool holding devices – box and tool layout. Principle features of automatic lathes – classification – Single spindle and multispindle
automatic lathes.

Drilling and Boring Machines – Principles of working, specifications, types, operations performed – tool holding devices – twist drill – Boring tools – machining time calculation.
Shaping, Slotting and planning machines –Principles of working – Principal parts – specification, classification, Operations performed
machines – Principal features – machining operations, Types and geometry of milling cutters– methods of indexing – Accessories to milling machines.

Grinding machine –Theory of grinding – classification– cylindrical and surface grinding machine – Tool and cutter grinding machine – special types of grinding machines – Grinding wheel: Different types of abrasives – bonds, specification and selection of a grinding wheel
Lapping, Honing and Broaching machines – comparison of grinding, lapping and honing and types of broaching machines
Jigs and fixtures-Principles of design and uses, Classification – Principles of location and clamping – Types of clamping & work holding devices, typical examples of Jigs and fixtures

Materials for Machine tools:

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