Industrial engineering and management



UNIT-1  :

Concepts of Management-Administration and Organization – Functions of Management –Schools of Management Thought: Taylor’s Scientific Management, Fayola’s Principles of Management, Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Y, Mayo’s Hawthorne Experiments,Hertzberg’s Two factor Theory of Motivation, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human needs –Systems Approach to Management.Organizational Structures- Functional- Divisional- Matrix etc., Basic Concepts Related to Organization – Departmentation and Decentralization and their Merits, Demerits and Suitability

Plant Location: Definition, Factors affecting the Plant Location, Comparison of Rural and Urban sites, Methods for Selection of Plant – Matrix Approach
Plant Layout: Definition, Objectives, Organization, Types of Production, Types of Plant Layout – Various Data Analyzing Forms – Travel Chart, Optimization of Layout-Load Distance Model & CRAFT-Materials Handling Function-Objectives – Types-Selection Criteria of Material Handling Equipment.

Work Study – Definition, Objectives, and Method Study – Definition, Objectives, and Steps Involved – Various Types of Associated Charts – Differences between Micro motion and Memo motion Studies.
Work Measurement– Definition, Time Study, Steps involved – Equipment, Different Methods for performance Rating – Allowances, Standard Time Calculation. Work Sampling – Definition, Steps Involved, Differences with Time Study – Applications


Material Management– Objectives, Inventory – functions, types, associated cost, inventory classifiemencation techniques- ABC Analysis; Inventory Models- Deterministic models- EOQ Model –Models with one Price Break and Multiple Price Breaks- shortages are not allowed –Stochastic Models – Demand may be Discrete Variable or Continuous Variable – Instantaneous Production. Instantaneous Demand and Continuous Demand and No Set-up

Human Resource Management-Functions of HRM, Job Evaluation, Merit RatingDifference with Job Evaluation, Different Methods of Merit Ratings, Wage Incentives,Different Types of Incentive Schemes Inspection & Quality Control: Differences between Inspection & Quality Control. Statistical Quality Control- Techniques-Variables and Attributes- Control Charts: X and R Charts; P Charts and C Charts. Acceptance Sampling Plan – Single Sampling and Double Sampling Plans- OC Curves. Introduction to TQMQuality
circles-BIS & ISO Standards-Importance and Evaluation Procedure Marketing Management- Introduction, Marketing Vs. Selling, Market Segmentation

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