GeotechnicalEngineering- I


UNIT – I INTRODUCTION: Soil Formation – Soil Structure and Clay Mineralogy – Mass- Volume Relationship – Relative Density. INDEX PROPERTIES OF SOILS: Moisture Content, Specific Gravity, Insitu Density, Grain Size Analysis – Sieve and Hydrometer Methods – Consistency Limits and Indices – IS Classification of soils UNIT –II PERMEABILITY: Soil Water – Capillary Rise – Adsorbed Water – Flow of Water Through Soils – Darcy‟s Law- Permeability – Factors Affecting Permeability – Laboratory Determination of Coefficient of Permeability – Permeability of Layered Soils. SEEPAGE THROUGH SOILS: Total, Neutral and Effective Stresses –Quick Sand Condition – Seepage through Soils – Flow Nets: Characteristics and Uses.

 UNIT – III STRESS DISTRIBUTION IN SOILS: Boussinesq‟s and Wester Gaard‟s Theories for Point Loads and Areas of Different Shapes – Newmark‟s Influence Chart. COMPACTION: Mechanism of Compaction – Factors Affecting – Effects of Compaction on Soil Properties. – Field Compaction Equipment – Compaction Control. 

UNIT – IV CONSOLIDATION: Types of Compressibility – Immediate Settlement, Primary Consolidation and Secondary Consolidation – Stress History of Clay; e Vs P and e Vs log(P) Curves – Normally Consolidated Soil, Over Consolidated Soil and Under Consolidated Soil – Pre-Consolidation Pressure and Its Determination – Terzagh‟s One-Dimensional Consolidation Theory – Coefficient of Consolidation: Square Root Time and Logarithm of Time Fitting Methods.

UNIT – V SHEAR STRENGTH OF SOILS: Importance of Shear Strength – Mohr‟s– Coulomb Failure Theories – Types of Laboratory Tests for Strength Parameters – Strength Tests Based on Drainage Conditions – Strength Envelops – Shear Strength of Sands – Dilatancy – Critical Void Ratio – Liquefaction- Shear Strength of Clays.

TEXT BOOKS: 1. Geotechnical Engineering by C. Venkataramiah, New age International Pvt. Ltd, 2. Geotechnical Engineering by V.N.S. Murthy, CRC Press, New York, Special Indian Edition

 REFERENCES: 1. Geotechnical Engineering by Brije. M. Das, Cengage Publications, New Delhi 2. Basic and Applied Soil Mechanics by Gopal Ranjan & ASR Rao, New age International Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi. 3. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engg. by K.R. Arora, Standard Publishers 4. Soil Mechanics and Foundation by B.C. Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain and Arum Kumar Jain, Laxmi, publications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

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