Fluid Properties: Dimensions and units – Definition of a fluid – Physical properties of fluidsDensity,Specific weight, Specific volume, Specific gravity, Compressibility, Vapour
pressure, Surface tension and capillarity and viscosity.
Fluid Statics: Pascal’s law – Pressure variation in a static fluid – Atmospheric, gauge and
absolute pressures, Measurement of pressure – Piezometer – U–tube and inverted U–tube
manometers and Bourdon’s pressure gauge, hydrostatic forces on plane and curved surfaces,center of pressure.

Fluid Kinematics: Types of flow – Streamline – Streak line – Path line – Stream tube –
Control volume – Continuity equation in one and three dimensional forms – Stream function
and velocity potential function – Flow net – Acceleration of a fluid particle – Local and
convective accelerations – Tangential and normal accelerations.
Fluid Dynamics: Euler’s equation of motion along a streamline – Bernoulli’s energy
equation – Energy correction factor – Impulse momentum equation – Momentum correction
factor – Force on a bend – Energy gradient line – Hydraulic gradient line – Analysis of free
liquid jets – Forced vortex and free vortex.

Analysis of pipe Flow: Forces acting on open pipe and buried pipe, minor losses in pipe flow
– Pipes in series and parallel – Siphon – Pipe networks –Velocity distribution for turbulent
flow in pipes – Rough and smooth pipes – Darcy Welsbach equation – Variation of friction
factor – Moody’s chart.

Flow Measurement: Velocity measurement by Pitot tube and Pitot static tube – Discharge
measurement by Venturimeter and orifice meter – Orifices and mouthpieces – Flow over
rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal and stepped notches – Broad crested weirs.

Laminar Flow: Reynolds’ experiment – Regimes of flow – Laminar flow, turbulent flow,
transitional flow – Reynolds’ number – Laminar flow through circular pipes – Hagen
Poiseuille equation – Laminar flow through parallel plates – Introduction of Hardy Cross
Boundary Layer Theory: Concept of boundary layer flow- Boundary layer along a thin flat
plate – Boundary layer separation and its control – Flow around submerged objects-Drag and

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