Digital IC Applications


CMOS Logic: Introduction to logic families, CMOS logic, CMOS logic families;BIPOLAR LOGIC AND INTERFACING: Bipolar logic, Transistor logic, TTL families, CMOS/TTL
interfacing, low voltage CMOS logic and interfacing, Emitter coupled logic, Comparison of logic families, Familiarity with standard 74-series and CMOS 40- series-ICs – Specifications.

Hardware Description Languages: HDL Based Digital Design, The VHDL Hardware Description Language–Program Structure, Types, Constants and Arrays, Functions and
procedures, Libraries and Packages, Structural design elements, Dataflow design elements,Behavioral design elements, The Time Dimension, Simulation, Test Benches, VHDL
Features for Sequential Logic Design, Synthesis

Combinational Logic Design Practices: Description of basic structures like Decoders,Encoders, Comparators, Multiplexers (74 –series MSI); Design of complex Combinational
circuits using the basic structures; Designing Using combinational PLDs like PLAs, PALs,PROMs CMOS PLDs; Adders & sub tractors, ALUs, Combinational multipliers; VHDL
models for the above standard building block ICs. Page 99 of 146 R16 B.Tech – ECE

Sequential Machine Design Practices: Review of design of State machines; Standard building block ICs for Shift registers, parallel / serial conversion, shift register counters, Ring
counters; Johnson counters, LFSR counter; VHDL models for the above standard building block ICs.Synchronous Design example using standard ICs.

Design Examples (using VHDL): Barrel shifter, comparators, floating-point encoder, anddual parity encoder.
Sequential logic Design: Latches & flip flops, PLDs, counters, shift register and their VHDL models.

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