Digital Communications


Source Coding Systems: Introduction-Elements of digital communication systems, sampling process, quantization, quantization noise, encoding, Pulse-Code Modulation (PCM), Line codes, Differential encoding, Regeneration, Decoding & Filtering, Noise considerations in PCM systems, Delta modulation (DM), Differential PCM (DPCM), Comparison of the above systems, Illustrative Problems.

Baseband Pulse Transmission: Introduction, Matched filter, Properties of Matched filter, Matched filter for rectangular pulse, Inter-symbol Interference (ISI), Nyquist‘s criterion for
distortion less baseband binary transmission, ideal Nyquist channel, Raised cosine filter & its spectrum, Correlative coding – Duo binary & Modified duo binary signaling schemes, Partial response signaling, Baseband M-array PAM transmission, Eye diagrams, Illustrative Problems

Signal Space Analysis: Introduction, Geometric representation of signals, Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization procedure, Conversion of the Continuous AWGN channel into a vector
channel, Coherent detection of signals in noise, Correlation receiver, Equivalence of correlation and Matched filter receivers, Probability of error, Signal constellation diagram.
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Pass band Data Transmission: Introduction, Pass band transmission model, Coherent phase-shift keying – binary phase shift keying (BPSK), Quadrature Phase shift keying
(QPSK), Binary Frequency shift keying (BFSK), Error probabilities of BPSK, QPSK, BFSK, Generation and detection of Coherent BPSK, QPSK, & BFSK, Power spectra of above
mentioned modulated signals, M-array PSK, M-array Quadrature amplitude modulation (Marray QAM), Non-coherent orthogonal modulation schemes -Differential PSK, Binary FSK,
Generation and detection of non-coherent BFSK, DPSK, Comparison of power bandwidth requirements for all the above schemes.

Channel Coding: Introduction-Error Detection & Correction, Parity Check Codes, Code Vectors and Hamming Distance, Forward Error Correction (FEC) Systems, Automatic
Retransmission Query (ARQ) Systems. Linear Block Codes–Matrix Representation of Block Codes(encoding), Syndrome decoding. Convolutional Codes – Convolutional Encoding, Decoding Methods, Illustrative Problems

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