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All *final and pre-final year students* who have not written or registered for WHEEBOX Assessment Exam conducted by APSSDC plz do it before Aug 25th

Registration Process:

Registration is actually 2 step process
Step-1 :
Type engineering.apssdc.in\register in URL bar
Enter the details,
Select *Assessment*  under program type,
Select *WheeBox Assessment * under program name , click subscribe, u will get a mail to your registered mail ID, open the mail and click the confirm *here* button to confirm your registration
You will be redirected to the APSSDC page again, fill the rest of the fields and complete your step-1 registration process.
wheebox.com\apssdc in the URL and enter all the details and complete the registration.
*Note*: click *new user* if u r registering for the 1st time in WheeBox.
That’s it with registration process
Now, write the assessment exam after registration.
Once you complete your assessment test, You can generate the certificate by yourself, for that login to the wheebox.com\apssdc again in the URL
*Note*: click *existing user*  this time and enter your registered mail ID.
Certificate will be generated.
For any clarification ping me
*R G Kumar*
*CSE dept.*
Thank u !
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