unix and shell programming



The UNIX Environment, Unix structure, Accessing UNIX, common and useful commands. The Vi Editor – Concepts, Modes and Commands. File Systems – File names and types, regular files and Directories and their implementations. Operations on directories, files and on both. Security levels, Changing permissions, Ownership and group


Shells- UNIX Session, standard streams, redirection, pipes tee Command, Command Execution and Substitution, Command-Line Editing, job control, Aliases, Variable Types and options, Shell Customization. Filters and Pipes – related Commands. Commands for Translating Characters, Files with duplicate Lines, Counting characters, words and Lines and Comparing files


User Communication, Electronicmail, Remote access, and File Transfer. Vi Editor Local,Global and Range commands and Text manipulation in vi. Editor, and Over view of ex Editor.Atoms and Operators, grep – family and operations and searching for file contents. Overview of sed and awk.


Interactive korn shell and Korn shell Programming: An overview on sed. Korn shell – Features, Files, Variables, input and output. Environmental Variables and options. Startup Script,Command history and Execution process. Korn shell Programming- Script Concept, Expressions,Decision making and Repetition, Special Parameters and variables, Changing Positional parameters, Argument Validation, Debugging Scripts and Examples.


Interactive C shell and C shell Programming: An overview on awk. C Shell – Features, Files and Variables, output, input, eval Command, environmental Variables, on-off Variables, Startup and Shutdown Scripts, Command history and execution Script. C Shell Programming – script Concepts, expressions, Decision making and repetition, Special Parameters, Changing Positional Parameters, argument Validation, Debugging Scripts and examples

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