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I.C. Engines– Definition of Engine And Heat Engine, I.C Engine Classification – Parts of I.C.Engines, Working Two Stroke & Four Stroke I.C.Engines SI & CI Engines, Valve and Port Timing Diagrams. Normal and abnormal combustion, stage of combustion in SI and CI Engines- Pre-ignition and knocking.
Testing and Performance – Parameters of Performance – Measurement of Cylinder Pressure, Fuel Consumption, Air Intake, Exhaust Gas Composition, Brake Power – Determination of Frictional Losses And Indicated Power – Performance Test – Heat Balance Sheet.

Air Compressors– Classification of Compressors-Reciprocating and Rotary Compressors, Effect of Clearance volume in Compressors, Volumetric Efficiency, Single Stage and Multi Stage Compressors, Effect of Inter cooling and Pressure Drop in Multi – Stage Compressors- Problems

Vapour Power Cycle– Rankine cycle-Layout, Thermodynamic Analysis, Concept of Mean Temperature of Heat Addition, Rankine cycle Efficiency, Heat balance sheet of steam generator.
Methods of Improve cycle performance-Regeneration, Reheat, Combined cycle Its
Efficiency’s, Brayton cycle, combined steam and gas turbine cycles

Steam Nozzles and Condenser– Expansion of steam through nozzle-types of nozzlescondition for maximum discharge- critical pressure ratio- effect of friction – super saturated flow. Velocity co-efficient, Degree of supper Saturation and Degree of under Cooling, Condenser, Type of Condensers

Steam Turbines – Principles of impulse, reaction and impulse-reaction turbinescompounding- velocity diagrams for simple & multistage turbines-work done on turbine blades & efficiencies-losses in steam turbines- governing of steam turbines.

Materials for Thermal engineering:

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