The real reason why the world celebrates April Fool’s Day

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Happy April Fool’s Day 2019: History, Significance and Why April Fool’s Day is celebrated

Happy April Fool’s Day 2019: April Fool’s Day, celebrated on April 1 every year, friends play prank on each other all in jest and good spirit.

SIGNIFICANCE :  It is that time of the year again when you can make fun of and play pranks on your friends without any guilt. All because its April Fool’s Day! Celebrated on April 1 every year, the day was first celebrated in Europe, but soon started being celebrated across the world.

HISTORY : Historians believe the day started being celebrated after Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar and ruled that the new calendar starts from January 1 back in 1952, instead of March end when New Year used to be celebrated.


It was April 1, as believed, when the change of calendar from Julian to Gregorian was initiated, hence making it the most commonly believed reason for celebrating the day.

The first country to accept and implement the new calendar was France. But not all countries did the same. Some refused to accept the change and continued following the Julian calendar. Consequently, the ones who did not follow the new calendar started being considered foolish and made fun of by those who did.

The day is looked forward to for all the fun and smile it spreads, the laughter it generates and the guilt-free leg pulling one can do – all in jest and good spirit.

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