SIMPLE STRESSES AND STRAINS: Elasticity and plasticity – Types of stresses and
strains – Hooke’s law– Factor of safety- Poisson’s ratio and volumetric strain – Elastic
moduli and the relationship between them – Bars of varying section – composite bars –
Temperature stresses.
STRAIN ENERGY: Resilience – Gradual, sudden, impact and shock loadings- Simple

SHEAR FORCE AND BENDING MOMENTS: Types of supports and beams – Shear
force and bending moment diagrams for cantilever, simply supported and over hanging
beams with point loads, uniformly distributed load, uniformly varying loads and couples –
Relationship between bending moment, shear force and loading.

THEORY OF SIMPLE BENDING: Assumptions in the theory of simple bending –
Derivation of bending equation: M/I = f/y = E/R –Neutral axis – Determination bending
stresses – Section modulus of rectangular and circular sections (Solid and Hollow), I, T,
Angle and Channel sections – Design of simple beam.

SHEAR STRESS DISTRIBUTION: Derivation of formula – Shear stress distribution in
rectangular, triangular, circular, I and T sections.

DEFLECTIONS OF BEAMS: Differential equation of deflected beam – Slope and
deflection at a point – Double integration and Macaulay’s methods – Determination of slope
and deflection for cantilever and simply supported beams subjected to point loads, UDL and
uniformly varying load- Mohr’s theorems – Moment area method – application to simple

CONJUGATE BEAM METHOD: Introduction – Concept of conjugate beam method.
Difference between a real beam and a conjugate beam. Deflections of determinate beams
with constant and different moments of inertia.
TORSION OF CIRCULAR SHAFTS AND SPRINGS: Theory of pure torsion – Torsional
theory applied to circular shafts – Power transmission – Close and open coiled helical springs
under axial loads and axial twist – Carriage springs.

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