Software Testing


Introduction: Purpose of testing, Dichotomies, model for testing, Taxonomy of Bugs – consequences of bugs, taxonomy of Bugs. Flow graphs and Path testing: Basics concepts of path testing, predicates, path predicates and achievable paths, path sensitizing, path instrumentation, application of path testing.

Transaction Flow Testing: Transaction flows, transaction flow testing techniques. Dataflow testing:-Basics of data flow testing, strategies in dataflow testing, application of data flow testing.

Domain Testing: Domains and Paths, Nice & Ugly Domains, Domain testing, Domains and Interface testing, Domains and Testability.

Paths, Path products and Regular expressions: Path Products & Path expressions, A Reduction Procedure, Applications, Regular Expressions and Flow Anomaly Detection. Logic Based Testing: Overview, Decision Tables, Path Expressions Again, KVCharts, Specifications.

States, State Graphs and Transition Testing: State graphs, Good & Bad State Graphs, State Testing, and Testability Tips. Graph Matrices and Applications: Motivational Overview, The Matrix of Graph, Relations, The Power of a Matrix, Node-Reduction Algorithm, Building Tools. (Student should be given an exposure to a tool like Selenium, Watir, Windmill, Win Runner).

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