BASICS OF RADAR: Introduction, Maximum Unambiguous Range, Simple form of Radar Equation, Radar Block Diagram and Operation, Radar Frequencies and Applications, Prediction of Range Performance, Minimum Detectable Signal, Receiver Noise, Modified Radar Range Equation, Illustrative Problems.

RADAR EQUATION: SNR, Envelope Detector, False Alarm Time and Probability, Integration of Radar Pulses, Radar Cross Section of Targets (simple targets – sphere, cone-sphere), Transmitter Power, PRF and Range Ambiguities, System Losses (qualitative treatment), Illustrative Problems.


CW AND FREQUENCY MODULATED RADAR: Doppler Effect, CW Radar – Block Diagram, Isolation between Transmitter and Receiver, Non-zero IF Receiver, Receiver Bandwidth Requirements, Applications of CW radar, Illustrative Problems.

FM-CW Radar: Range and Doppler Measurement, Block Diagram and Characteristics (Approaching/ Receding Targets), FM-CW altimeter, Multiple Frequency CW Radar.


MTI AND PULSE DOPPLER RADAR: Introduction, Principle, MTI Radar with – Power Amplifier Transmitter and Power Oscillator Transmitter, Delay Line Cancellers – Filter Characteristics, Blind Speeds, Double Cancellation, And Staggered PRFs. Range

Gated Doppler Filters, MTI Radar Parameters, Limitations to MTI Performance,MTI versus Pulse Doppler radar.



TRACKING RADAR: Tracking with Radar, Sequential Lobing, Conical Scan, Monopulse Tracking Radar – Amplitude Comparison Monopulse (one- and two- coordinates), Phase Comparison Monopulse, Tracking in Range, Acquisition and Scanning Patterns, Comparison of Trackers.


DETECTION OF RADAR SIGNALS IN NOISE: Introduction, Matched Filter Receiver – Response Characteristics and Derivation, Correlation Function and Cross-correlation Receiver, Efficiency of Non-matched Filters, Matched Filter with Non-white Noise.

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