Question & Bit Bank for Mid-II [JNTUA-R15]

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Question & Bit bank (With answers) for Subjects:

MS – Descriptive: View/Download

MS – Objective : View/Download

MS-2 Marks: View/Download

GCC – Descriptive : View/Download

GCC-Objective: View/Download

GCC – 2 Marks: View/Download

IS – Descriptive :View/Download

IS -2 Marks: View/Download

IS- Objective: View/Download

ML – Descriptive :View/Download

ML – Objective: View/Download

ML-2 Marks: View/Download

MAD – Descriptive:View/Download

MAD – Objective:View/Download

M.A.D- 2 Marks: View/Download

SPM – 2 Marks: View/Download

SPM – Objective: View/Download

AE- Descriptive: View/Download

AE- Objective: View/Download

M&M- Descriptive: View/Download

M&M- Objective: View/Download

POM: View/Download

RAC: View/Download


Nama Chandu · 11/11/2018 at 11:49 am

R-18 ,. Maths bit bank with answers

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