UNIT – I Introduction: History of Python, Need of Python Programming, Applications Basics of Python Programming Using the REPL(Shell), Running Python Scripts, Variables, Assignment, Keywords, Input-Output, Indentation. Types – Integers, Strings, Booleans; Documentation Strings – Decorators – Source code Encoding

UNIT – II Operators and Expressions: Operators- Arithmetic Operators, Comparison (Relational) Operators, Assignment Operators, Logical Operators, Bitwise Operators, Membership Operators, Identity Operators, Expressions and order of evaluations Data Structures: Lists – Operations, Slicing, Methods; Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries, Sequences, Comprehensions.

UNIT – III Control Flow – if, if-elif-else, for, while, break, continue, pass Functions – Defining Functions, Calling Functions, Passing Arguments, Keyword Arguments, Default Arguments, Variable-length arguments, Anonymous Functions, Fruitful Functions(Function Returning Values), Scope of the Variables in a Function – Global and Local Variables. Modules: Creating modules, import statement, from ..import statement, name spacing

UNIT – IV Python packages, Introduction to PIP, Installing Packages via PIP, Using Python Packages Error and Exceptions: Difference between an error and Exception, Handling Exception, try except block, Raising Exceptions, User Defined Exceptions

Object Oriented Programming OOP in Python: Terminology – Object Identity and Type – Reference Counting and Garbage Collection – References and Copies – Built-in Types – None Type – Numeric Types – Sequence Types – Mapping Types – Set Types, Classes, Classic Classes – Meta classes, ‘self variable’, Methods, Constructor Method, Inheritance, Overriding Methods, Data Hiding,

UNIT – V Brief Tour of the Standard Library – Operating System Interface – String Pattern Matching, Mathematics, Internet Access, Dates and Times, Data Compression, Multi Threading, GUI Programming, Turtle Graphics, Threads – Network Programming. Testing: Why testing is required ?, Basic concepts of testing, Unit testing in Python, Writing Test cases, Running Tests.

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