Phase – I workshop [duration: 3 days]: PWA Introduction and Resume project

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Follow Up Assignments [duration: 20 hr or 3 days]:

  1. Convert document into HTML markup document, resource link.
  2. HTML5 Video and Audio JS Controller – Instruction link.
  3. Responsive web design (Basic Layout) – Instruction link.
  4. Responsive web design – Mostlyfluid_design pattern link.
  5. Responsive Image – Instruction link.
  6. Resume Building App (static): Responsive design – Project Rubric.
  7. Resume Building App (Dynamic) – Project Rubric.
  8. Phase – I Resume project accomplishment.
  9. Resume Building App (Phase-I Resume Project Integration) – Project Rubric

Phase – II workshop [duration: 3 days]: PWA Essentials and Resume Building App

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