Microprocessors & Microcontrollers


Introduction-8086 Architecture-Block Diagram, Register Organization, Flag Register, Pin Diagram, Timing and Control Signals, System Timing Diagrams, Memory Segmentation.
Interrupt structure of 8086 and Interrupt Vector Table Memory organization and memory banks accessing.

Instruction Formats -Addressing Modes-Instruction Set of 8086, Assembler Directives Macros and Procedures. – Sorting, Multiplication, Division and multi byte arithmetic code
conversion. String Manipulation Instructions-Simple ALPs

Low power RISC MSP430 – block diagram, features and architecture, Variants of the MSP430 family viz. MSP430x2x, MSP430x4x, MSP430x5x and their targeted applications,
MSP430x5x series block diagram, Addressing modes, Instruction set Memory address space, on-chip peripherals (analog and digital), and Register sets. Sample embedded system on MSP430 microcontroller.

I/O ports pull up/down resistors concepts, Interrupts and interrupt programming. Watchdog timer. System clocks. Low Power aspects of MSP430: low power modes, Active vs Standby current consumption, FRAM vs Flash for low power & reliability. Timer & Real Time Clock (RTC), PWM control, timing generation and measurements. Analog interfacing and data acquisition: ADC and Comparator in MSP430, data transfer using DMA.

Serial communication basics, Synchronous/Asynchronous interfaces (like UART, USB, SPI, and I2C). UART protocol, I2C protocol, SPI protocol, Implementing and programming
UART, I2C, SPI interface using MSP430, Interfacing external devices, Implementing Embedded Wi-Fi using CC3100

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