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What is keylogger ?

Keylogger / keystroke logger is a “malicious surveillance software” mostly used by hackers illegally to capture your keyboard strokes . Once this keylogger software is installed on your phone or PC , what happens is whenever you type something that will get recorded . Even someone can transfer this keylogger software with usb . So beware of your keystrokes , sometimes you may be monitored when you type you password , bank account pin , debit card cvv etc .

If you ask me which type of Keyloggers are more dangerous then the answer would be definitely Software Keyloggers . Because they use programs that aim to secretly target and monitor you OS .

  • Hypervisor-based
  • Javascript-based
  • Kernel-based
  • Memory-injection-base
  • Form grabbing based
  • API-based


Inorder to detect keylogger in your system check out the running apps on task manager and rule out the black sheep in the list . Else you can use Firewall control on PC to protect your data from keyloggers . And the best way is to always use an antivirus software but this is not enough to tackle this problem .

How to Protect yourself from Keyloggers ?

  • Use a firewall
  • Use password managers to avoid frequently typing out your passwords , there autofill passwords can help you lot.
  • Avoid using public computers and public WiFi to access banking apps , email and your relevant data owned sites.
  • Change your passwords frequently.
  • Use Anti Keylogger softwares.

Best Keylogger detector & Anti-Keyloggers to Protect your data

Zemana AntiLogger is one of the best keylogger for Windows in use . But it is a paid keylogger detector , i mean this anti keylogger is not free of cost . It does real time scanning and detect the malicious keylogger and removes the keylogger software .

  • Keylogger Detector

Comparatively the low cost premium Anti-Keylogger or low cost keylog detector available . Though it doesn’t provide keylog encrypting it removes the malicious keystroke software .

  • Guarded ID Premium

Not the top most recommended on my list , may b somebody else can recommend this as best . It doesn’t erase out the Keylogger , hardly scans but good in keystroke encryption process.

  • Ghostpress

Ghostpress is a free keylog detector for windows that is a portable keystroke detector . Might look like ineffective when you compare to the best premium keylog detectors available in market , but trust me it is equally good in preventing and hiding you keyboard strokes to other softwares .