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Company: iOSys Software india.

Founder name: Kulranjan Choudhary.

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Mean stack pro: 3 months ( Jan 19- march 19)

            MEAN is a full stack JavaScript framework that is a pioneer for building responsive websites and applications. During this period, the students would master the front end framework & fundamentals (HTML, CSS, Angular, JavaScript) coupled with the backend functionalities of MongoDB. 

Blockchain Master: 5 months (Jan ‘19- May’19)

               The emerging technologies are taking a hold on the software industry. To bridge the gap, we have formulated “The Blockchain Master program” to build your blockchain fundamentals and then utilize the learnings to practically implement them into projects. 

How It Works

We have designed the Bootcamp curriculum keeping in mind the practical as well as the conceptual segments of the course.

Phase One

WebPage (Responsive) Design and GitHub

In Phase one, you will learn the fundamentals of responsive web design with HTML/CSS. You will implement beautiful web pages using HTML and CSS. Also, in this phase, you will be introduced to GitHub and it’s essentials.

Phase Two

Front End development

In this phase, you will learn and understand the basic and advanced concepts of JavaScript. Based on your learning, you will implement two projects. These projects will give you extensive knowledge of logic building in JavaScript.

Phase Three

Front End framework

This phase is completely dedicated to the Angular framework. You will learn WHY, HOW and WHAT of Angular from scratch. Later, you will apply your learning to different Angular projects.

Phase Four

NodeJs and MongoDB

After learning and working on Angular, we will further continue to work on Javascript and build the backend functionalities of the ecosystem with NodeJs. As the course progresses, we will then master data management through MongoDB. After that, you will combine your entire learning from start and implement deployment ready projects.

Career Support

In parallel to the technical aspects of the course, our training and placement division will organize workshops, events etc to focus on the holistic pursuit of the course. Helping you ace the placement opportunities with head-first preparations!

Workshops: Softskills Training, Personal Development seminars, 360 Degree Career Guidance.


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