Internet Of Things(4th CSE, Sem-2)


Course objectives:
 Students will be explored to the interconnection and integration of the physical world and the cyber space. They are also able to design & develop IoT Devices.
Course Outcomes:
 Able to understand the application areas of IoT
 Able to realize the revolution of Internet in Mobile Devices, Cloud & Sensor Networks
 Able to understand building blocks of Internet of Things and characteristics.

UNIT I: Introduction to Internet of Things
Introduction, Physical Design of IoT, Logical Design of IoT, IoT Enabling Technologies.Domain Specific IoTs Introduction, Home Automation, cities, Environment, Retail, Agriculture, Industry, Health & Lifestyle.

IoT and M2M Introduction, M2M, Difference between IoT and M2M, SDN and NFV for IoT. IoT System Management with NETCONF-YANG Need for IoT Systems Management, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Network Operator requirements, NETCONF, YANG, IoT System Management with NETCONF-YANG.

UNIT III: Developing Internet of Things
Introduction, IoT Design Methodology, Case Study on IoT System for Weather Monitoring.
Case Studies Illustrating IoT Design: Introduction, Home Automation, Cities, Environment, Agriculture, Productivity Applications.

Advanced Topics: Introduction, Apache Hadoop, Using Hadoop Map Reduce for Batch Data Analysis. IEEE 802.15.4: The IEEE 802 committee family of protocols, The physical layer, The Media Access control layer, Uses of 802.15.4, The Future of 802.15.4: 802.15.4e and 802.15.4g.

ZigBee: Development of the standard, ZigBee Architecture, Association, The ZigBee network layer, The ZigBee APS Layer, The ZigBee Devices Object (ZDO) and the ZigBee Device Profile (ZDP), Zigbee Security, The ZigBee Cluster Library (ZCL), ZigBee Applications profiles, The ZigBee Gateway Specifications for network devices.

Study Material's for IOT

TextBook : Internet Of Things- Hands-On-Appoarch by [ Arshdeep Bahga ] : View

Textbook : [ The Internet of Things key applications and protocols by Oliver Hersent, David Boswarthick and Omar elloumi, Wiley Student Edition. ] : Download


2 Marks : Download

Bit Bank: Download

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