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5 Remarkable Ancient Indian Sages Familiar With Advanced Technology & Science Long Before Modern Era

The modern world likes to take credit for many technological inventions, but we fail to mention that often many of these “discoveries” are nothing but re-inventions based on knowledge our ancestors possessed long ago. Much scientific knowledge can be traced to ancient India and their great sages.

1. Bhaskaracharya And His Law Of Gravity

  • Bhaskara II or Bhaskarachārya (1114 – c. 1185) was an Indian mathematician and astronomer who extended Brahmagupta’s work on number systems.
  • In his treatise “Siddhant Shiromani” he writes on planetary positions, eclipses, cosmography, mathematical techniques and astronomical equipment.
  • In modern times, the credit of discovering Earth’s gravitational force is given to Isaac Newton.
  • In the “Surya Siddhant” he makes a note on the force of gravity: “Objects fall on earth due to a force of attraction by the earth. Therefore, the earth, planets, constellations, moon, and sun are held in orbit due to this attraction.” Bhaskaracharya was the first to discover gravity, 500 years before Sir Isaac Newton.

2. Maharshi Bhardwaj Who Discovered Rockets And Aeroplanes

  • Maharshi Bhardwaj was one of the greatest Hindu sages whose accomplishments are detailed in the Puranas.
  • According to modern science, Wright Brothers invented the airplane.
  • Indian scientists and critics have a different opinion and point out that aircraft was used extensively during Ramayana and Mahabharata time indicating that the aeronautics was a much developed branch by that time.
  • This clearly indicates that the aircraft was developed much before the modern era.
  • Maharshi Bhardwaj through Vimanshastra discovered and wrote about how aiplanes vanished and traveled from one planet to another. According to the Indians scriptures, Maharshi Bhardwaj is considered the inventor of the airplane.

3.Vishwamitra – The One Who Discovered And Used Missiles

  • Vishwamithra was recognized as one of the most venerated sages of ancient times in India.
  • He is the rishi of the third book of Rigveda
  • Thousands of years ago, he discovered missiles or missile systems. Being a warrior he used these weapons and taught Rama how missiles functioned.

4.Acharya Kanad – Father Of The Atomic Theory

  • In modern times, John Dalton has been credited as the inventor of the atomic theory.
  • About 2,600 years ago, Acharya Kanad, an Indian philosopher and a great thinker far ahead of his time, developed what we today call the atomic theory.
  • Acharya Kanad was the first person in the world to discuss atoms and molecules.He said that “every object of creation is made of atoms which in turn connect with each other to form molecules.”

5.Garga Muni –The Scientist Of Stars

  • Garga Muni, who was the chief astrologer of King Prithu who in Purana is described as an avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu.
  • Garga Muni had a passion for stars. His work Garga Samhita is based on the six fractions of the astrological science.
  • His work Garga Purana lays down the rules of astrology in detail. Garga Muni’s major contribution is in the field of Vaastushastra and Ayurveda.
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