UNIT – I Reading:1. All the World’s a Stage by William Shakespeare. (Act-II, Scene-VII). 2. After Twenty Years by O. Henry. Writing: Nature and Style of Sensible Writing: Describing & Defining. Speaking: Oral Communication (involves interactive practice sessions) Self -introduction and introducing a friend. Listening: Listening activity (Present tense). Vocabulary: The concept of word formation & root words from foreign languages. Grammar: Subject – Verb Agreement. Sentence Structures & use of phrases and clauses in sentences. Identifyin common errors in noun, pronoun and adjectives.

  UNIT – II Reading: 1. I Have a Dream Martin Luther King jr. 2. Knowledge and Wisdom by Bertrand Russell. Writing: Importance of proper punctuation and creating coherence- Simple sentences. Speaking: Expressing apology. Listening: Listening activity. (Past tense) Vocabulary: Prefixes and Suffixes. Grammar: Identifying common errors in Articles, Modifiers and degrees of comparison. 

UNIT – III Reading: 1) Nelson Mandela (Biography) 2) ―The Happy Prince‖ by Oscar wilde. Writing: Paragraph writing – letter writing. Speaking: Situational dialogues. Listening: Listening activity. (Future tense) Vocabulary: Synonyms and Antonyms. Grammar: Identifying common errors in Prepositions and Link words and complex sentences. 

UNIT – IV Reading: 1. Where the Mind is without Fear by Rabindra Nath Tagore. 2. Cause – Effect and Control Measures of Pollution (Air, Water, Noise) and Nuclear Hazards. Writing: Essay writing – Organizing principles of essay writing – Introduction and Conclusion. Speaking: Public speaking dynamics. Listening: Listening activity. (Active voice and passive voice) Vocabulary: Abbreviations and Acronyms. Grammar: Identifying common errors in redundancies and compound sentences. 

UNIT – V Reading: 1. The Road not Taken by Robert Frost. 2. An Astrologer’s Day by R K Narayan. Writing: Techniques for writing precisely. Speaking: Interviews and formal presentations. Listening: speeches of A P J Abdul Kalam, Steve Jobs and so on. Vocabulary: One word substitutes. Grammar: Identifying common errors in clichés.

  Reference Books: 1. Practical English Usage. Michael Swan. OUP. 1995. 2. Remedial English Grammar. F.T. Wood. Macmillan. 2007. 3. On Writing Well. William Zinsser. Harper Resource Book, 200. 4. Study Writing. Liz Hamp-Lyons and Ben Heasly. Cambridge University Press, 2006. 5. Communication Skills. Sanjay Kumar and Pushp Lata. Oxford University Press, 2011. 6. Exercises in Spoken English. Parts. I-III. CIEFL, Hyd. Oxford University Press, 2005. 7. Oscar Wilde, Create Independence Publisher, Kindle Edition, 2017. 8. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Kindle Edition, 2017. 9. G. P. Editors, the Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Global Classic, 2018. 10. Robert Frost, Robert Frost Collection, Wider Publication, 2011

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