1. All the World’s a Stage by William Shakespeare. (Act-II, Scene-VII).
2. After Twenty Years by O. Henry.
Writing: Nature and Style of Sensible Writing: Describing & Defining.
Speaking: Oral Communication (involves interactive practice sessions) Self -introduction and introducing a friend.
Listening: Listening activity (Present tense).
Vocabulary: The concept of word formation & root words from foreign languages.
Grammar: Subject – Verb Agreement. Sentence Structures & use of phrases and clauses in sentences. Identifyin common errors in noun, pronoun and adjectives.

1. I Have a Dream Martin Luther King jr.
2. Knowledge and Wisdom by Bertrand Russell.

Writing: Importance of proper punctuation and creating coherence- Simple sentences.
Speaking: Expressing apology.
Listening: Listening activity. (Past tense)
Vocabulary: Prefixes and Suffixes.
Grammar: Identifying common errors in Articles, Modifiers and degrees of comparison.

1) Nelson Mandela (Biography)
2) “The Happy Prince” by Oscar wilde.
Writing: Paragraph writing – letter writing.
Speaking: Situational dialogues.
Listening: Listening activity. (Future tense)
Vocabulary: Synonyms and Antonyms.
Grammar: Identifying common errors in Prepositions and Link words and complex sentences.

1. Where the Mind is without Fear by RabindraNath Tagore.
2. Cause – Effect and Control Measures of Pollution (Air, Water, Noise) and Nuclear Hazards.
Writing: Essay writing – Organizing principles of essay writing – Introduction and Conclusion.
Speaking: Public speaking dynamics.
Listening: Listening activity. (Active voice and passive voice)
Vocabulary: Abbreviations and Acronyms.
Grammar: Identifying common errors in redundancies and compound sentences.

1. The Road not Taken by Robert Frost.
2. An Astrologer’s Day by R K Narayan.
Writing: Techniques for writing precisely.
Speaking: Interviews and formal presentations.
Listening: speeches of A P J Abdul Kalam, Steve Jobs and so on.
Vocabulary: One word substitutes.
Grammar: Identifying common errors in clichés.

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