Engineering Mechanics


FORCES & FORCE SYSTEMS: Fundamental Principles – Resolution and Composition of Forces and Equilibrium of Particles – Lami‘s Theorem – Principle of Transmissibility Principles of Continuum – Types of Force Systems – Resultant of Coplanar, Concurrent and Non-Concurrent Force Systems -Varignon‘s Theorem – Equilibrium of Coplanar Force
Systems – Types of Beams and Supports – Support Reactions.

FRICTION: Types of Friction– Laws of Friction–Limiting Friction–Cone of Limiting Friction- Ladder Friction – Wedge, Screw jack and differential Screw Jack

CENTROID: Centroids of Simple Figures (From Basic Principles) – Centroids of Composite Figures
CENTRE OF GRAVITY: Centre of Gravity of Simple Body -Centre of Gravity of Composite Bodies- Pappus Theorem

MOMENT OF INERTIA: Definition – Parallel Axis Theorem and Perpendicular Axis Theorem – Polar Moment of Inertia – Radius of Gyration – Moment of Inertia of Basic Shapes – Composite Sections – Simple Solids.

ANALYSIS OF PERFECT TRUSSES: Types of Trusses – Perfect, Deficient and Redundant Trusses – Cantilever Trusses and Simply Supported Trusses – Analysis of Trusses using Method of Joints and Methods of Sections.

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