Engineering Graphics & design



 Introduction to Engineering Drawing – Principles of Engineering Graphics and their significance, usage of Drawing instruments, lettering, Conic sections, Cycloids and Involutes. 


Projections of Points – Principles of Orthographic Projections-Conventions – Projections of Points, Traces Projections of straight lines Inclined to both the planes – simple problems only, Traces 


Projections of Planes – Planes (Inclined to single plane only) Projections of Solids– Introduction– Projections of right regular solids-Prisms, Pyramids in different positions. (Single plane only) 


Sections of solids – Sectional Views of Right regular Solids – Prisms, Pyramids. Development of surfaces – Development of surfaces of Right Regular Solids – Prisms, Pyramids. 


Orthographic Projections – Principles of Orthographic projection, Conversion of objects from 3D to 2D Isometric Projections – Principles of Isometric projection – Isometric Scale, Isometric Views, Conventions; Isometric Views of lines, Planes, Simple and compound Solids, Conversion of 2D to 3D. Auto CAD (for Practice only not for External Exam) Introduction to CAD, Applications, commands, Tool bar, modeling of Simple parts, isometric problems.

  Text Books: 1. Engineering Drawing, N.D.Bhatt, Charotar Publishers

 2. A text Book of Engineering Drawing, K.L.Narayana, Kannaiah, Scitech Publishers, 2010 3. Engineering Graphics with using AutoCAD,2007. Jeyapoovan.T, Vikas Publishing House

  References: 1. Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing, Warren J.Luzadder and Jon. M.Duff Prentice Hall of India Pvt., Ltd., Eleventh Edition, 2001.

 2. Engineering Graphics, Bhattacharyya, S.C.Bera, I.K .International Pvt Ltd. 2009. 

3. A text Book of Engineering Drawing and Graphic, K.Venugopal New Age Publishin New Delhi, 2008. 

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