Introduction to Embedded Systems

Embedded system introduction, host and target concept, embedded applications, features and architecture considerations for embedded systems- ROM, RAM, timers; data and address bus concept, Embedded Processor and their types, Memory types, overview of design process of embedded systems, programming languages and tools for embedded design


Embedded processor architecture

CISC Vs RISC design philosophy, Von-Neumann Vs Harvard architecture. Introduction to ARM architecture and Cortex – M series, Introduction to the TM4C family viz. TM4C123x & TM4C129x and its targeted applications. TM4C block diagram, address space, on-chip peripherals (analog and digital) Register sets, Addressing modes and instruction set basics.


Overview of Microcontroller and Embedded Systems

Embedded hardware and various building blocks, Processor Selection for an Embedded System , Interfacing Processor, Memories and I/O Devices, I/O Devices and

I/O interfacing concepts, Timer and Counting Devices, Serial Communication and Advanced I/O, Buses between the Networked Multiple Devices.Embedded System Design and Co-design Issues in System Development Process, Design Cycle in the Development Phase for an Embedded System, Uses of Target System or its Emulator and In-Circuit Emulator (ICE), Use of Software Tools for Development of an Embedded System Design metrics of embedded systems – low power, high performance, engineering cost, time-to-market.


Microcontroller fundamentals for basic programming

I/O pin multiplexing, pull up/down registers, GPIO control, Memory Mapped Peripherals, programming System registers, Watchdog Timer, need of low power for embedded systems, System Clocks and control, Hibernation Module on TM4C, Active vs Standby current consumption. Introduction to Interrupts, Interrupt vector table, interrupt programming. Basic Timer, Real Time Clock (RTC), Motion Control Peripherals: PWM Module & Quadrature Encoder Interface (QEI).


Embedded communications protocols and Internet of things Synchronous/Asynchronous    interfaces    (like    UART,    SPI,           I2C, USB), serial communication basics, baud rate concepts, Interfacing digital and analog external device, Implementing and programming UART, SPI and I2C, SPI interface using TM4C.Case Study: Tiva based embedded system application using the interface protocols for communication with external devices “Sensor Hub BoosterPack” Embedded Networking fundamentals, IoT overview and architecture, Overview of wireless sensor networks and design examples. Adding Wi-Fi capability to the Microcontroller, Embedded Wi-Fi, User APIs for Wireless and Networking applications Building IoT applications using CC3100 user API.

Case Study: Tiva based Embedded Networking Application: “Smart Plug with Remote Disconnect and Wi-Fi Connectivity”

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