Compiler Design


Introduction: Language processors, The Structure of a Compiler, the science of building a complier Lexical Analysis: The Role of the lexical analyzer, Input buffering, Specification of tokens,Recognition of tokens, The lexical analyzer generator Lex, Design of a Lexical Analyzer generator.

Syntax Analysis: Introduction, Context Free Grammars, Writing a grammar, TOP Down Parsing, Bottom Up Parsing, Introduction to LR Parsing: Simple LR, More Powerful LR
Parsers, The Parser Generator Yacc.

Syntax Directed Translation: Syntax Directed Definitions, Evaluation orders for SDD‗s, Application of SDT, SDT schemes, Implementing L-attribute SDD‗s.
Intermediate Code Generation: Variants of syntax trees, three address code, Types and declarations, Translations of expressions, Type checking, control flow statements.

Run Time Environment: Storage organization, Stack allocation of space – Activation trees,Activation Records, Calling Sequence, Access tonon-local data on stack – Data Access
Without Procedures, Issues with Nested procedures , Heap management – The Memory Manager, The Memory Hierarchy of a Computer Symbol Table: Introduction, symbol table entries, operations on the symbol table, symbol table organizations, non block structured language, block structured language.

Code Generation: Issues in the design of a code generator, The Target language, Basic blocks and flow graphs, optimization of basic blocks, a simple code generator, register
allocation and assignment, optimal code generation for expressions. Code Optimization: Introduction, where and how to optimize, principle source of optimization, function preserving transformations, loop optimizations, global flow analysis, machine dependent optimization.

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